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Book design and layout

Concept Designs & Marketing specialisesin the cover design and layout of books

Have you always dreamed of having your own book published? Have you written a manuscript and is it ready for a graphic designer to design the layout or the cover of your book? If youíre ready, know the design of your dream book is in the hands of a Gold Coast graphic designer who takes your vision seriously and wants to see the release of your book come to fruition.

A Collaborative Approach to Designing your Book

Concept Designs embraces a collaborative approach to the layout and design of your book. You may have been envisioning concepts for the design of your book for some time and our commitment to you is to work with you to see those concepts come to life.

Designing an E-Book or iBook

We are coming into a new era of electronic books, so it is increasingly important to consider an e-book format of your book. As a service to you, we would also be happy to discuss strategies to monetise your book on your website.

Book Illustrations

If your book is illustration heavy, you should consider whether your book illustrations have already been prepared, or whether you are in need of a graphic designer to draw these illustrations for you. Whichever way, contact us and we are happy to discuss all of your book design needs.

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